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Become The Vision Through Insightful Leadership

Organizational Transformation

This is a broad service offering that may include the assessment of many aspects of an organization’s human operations and foundational structure, but will largely focus on: 

  • Cultural Assessment and Development involving the review, assessment and potential revision of Vision, Mission, Core Values and Employee Experience and Engagement.
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion involves the development of a strategic management plan leveraging intentional and equitable diversity to create a sustainable, positive environment accelerating corporate and talent growth.
  • Organizational Design will include the assessment of a company’s structure critiquing how creating thinking and information flows through the organization to reveal and rectify gaps and design deficiencies.

Service Offerings include, but not limited to:

Facilitated Leadership/Management RoundtablesManagement Training
Peer-to-Peer Advisory Board Meetings
Key Issue and Opportunities Decision Processing
Financial Reviews and Key Success Metrics
Authentic Conversations: Deeper Dive on Bias
Ideation & Problem Solving
Brainstorming, Ideation & Problem Solving
Skill Development for New and Developing Managers and Emerging Leaders
Time Management
Effective Communications
Foundations of Building Organizational Trust
Monthly Cohort Meetings